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329. ARIEL silencers clamp

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Variant: a) without plating Ø45mm
On request | 329A45MM
Variant: a) without plating Ø48mm
On request | 329A48MM
Variant: a) without plating Ø51mm
On request | 329A51MM
Variant: b) nickel plated Ø45mm
In stock | 329B45-NIK
Variant: b) nickel plated Ø48mm
Sold Out | 329B48-NIKL
Variant: b) nickel plated Ø51mm
Sold Out | 329B51-NIKL
Variant: b) chrome plated Ø45mm
In stock | 329B45-CHROM
Variant: b) chrome plated Ø48mm
In stock | 329B48-CHROM
Variant: b) chrome plated Ø51mm
In stock | 329B51-CHROM

Item number : 329.

Silencer : ARIEL silencers clamp

  1. a) without plating
  2. b) nickel plated or chrome plated

Material : steel

Dimension : inside daimeter 45 mm , 48 mm or 51 mm

Code Code: 329A45MM
Category: 329. ARIEL silencers clamp

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