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373. Parts of Best & Lloyd oil pump replica

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373. Parts of Best & Lloyd oil pump replica

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Choose variant
Select: a) flange screw 5/32“
In stock | 373DILY-A
Select: b) locating flange
In stock | 373DILY-B
Select: c) adjusting cam
In stock | 373DILY-C
Select: d) fibre washer
In stock | 373DILY-D
Select: e) steel piston
In stock | 373DILY-E
Select: f) gear wheel and sleeve
In stock | 373DILY-F
Select: g) worm drive
In stock | 373DILY-G
Select: h) pump body
In stock | 373DILY-H
Select: i) cap fibre washer
In stock | 373DILY-I
Select: j) end screw cap
In stock | 373DILY-J
Select: k) fibre washer
In stock | 373DILY-K
Select: l) spigot dia 6mm
In stock | 373DILY-L
Select: m) spigot nut G1/4“
In stock | 373DILY-M
  1. a)flange screw 5/32“          
  2. b)locating flange               
  3. c)adjusting cam        
  4. d)fibre washer      
  5. e)steel piston  
  6. f)gear wheel and sleeve
  7. g)worm drive
  8. h)pump body 
  9. i)cap fibre washer
  10. j)end screw cap
  11. k)fibre washer 
  12. l)spigot dia 6mm
  13. m)spigot nut G1/4“ 

drive worm a) to fit the pump to exthaust cam (aticlockwise rotation) , 
  6,3mm = 1/4“ tenon width

drive worm b) to fit the pump to exthaust
  cam , tenon must be machined to engine
drive worm c) to fit the pump to intake
  cam (clockwise rotation) ,
  6,3mm = 1/4“ width tenon width



Code Code: 373DILY-I
Category: 373. Replica of Best & Lloyd oil pump

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